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Back Ground

Lasbela climate forum is public plate form to provide the access to all individuals, civil society members, journalist, students, scholars, and writers to highlight the local issue regarding climate change its impacts in district Lasbela Balochistan. 

Lasbela was notified as a district on 30th June 1954. In October 1955 the unification of the former provinces of Punjab, NWFP, Sindh, and Balochistan took place. The Balochistan States Union was formed into Kalat division. But in December 1960 Lasbela became a separate district and was placed as a part of Karachi division. Later on, it was transferred to Kalat division of Balochistan Province. 

The district of Lasbela derives its name from the words LAS which signifies a plain, the greater part of the area being a flat plain, and Bela, the principal town of the district. Uthal is the district headquarters.

District Lasbela id largest industrial area of Balochistan Province. Currently,  Government of Pakistan is planning to establish the coal power plant on coatsal area of Lasbela.

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